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download icon i2pupdate_0.9.8.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.8 update 33
last downloaded 4 days ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.8_windows.exe (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.8 Installer for Windows 58
last downloaded 4 days ago
download icon i2pinstall_0.9.8.jar (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.8 installer (Linux / OSX / FreeBSD / Solaris) 36
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
download icon i2psource_0.9.8.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.9.8 Source Code 27
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
Total downloads: 154

Release notes 

0.9.8 includes the long-awaited support for IPv6. It's enabled by default, but of course you need a public IPv6 address to use it. Configuration is on the "network" configuration tab in your console.

We also have anonymity improvements including padding of SSU packets and longer router private keys.

30% of you will update via in-network torrent in this update cycle.

IPv6 Details

IPv6 is enabled and preferred by default. If you have a public IPv6 address and you are connecting to another router with a published IPv6 address, it will connect via IPv6. There is a new IPv6 configuration section on /confignet in the router console. If IPv6 is causing problems you may disable it there.

As a part of the IPv6 development effort, I2P now supports multiple published IP addresses. If you have multiple public IP addresses (IPv4, IPv6, or both), you may enable or disable them individually on /confignet. The default is to use the first IPv4 and IPv6 addresses it discovers. If you have multiple addresses you should review the configuration on /confignet and adjust it if necessary. Note that while you may enable multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on /confignet, we recommend that you use only one IPv4 and one IPv6 address. There are bugs still to be fixed with multiple addresses of each type.

While IPv6 support was designed and developed over several years, it has only been tested by a limited number of users and is still beta. If you do have a public IPv6 address, please monitor your router and the logs for problems, and disable it necessary. Please report any bugs on trac.i2p2.i2p.

Rekeying Details

For those of you running I2P on faster hardware (generally, 64-bit x86) the router will generate a new identity using longer keys. This will substantially reduce your participating traffic for 48 hours or more, while your router re-integrates into the network. Due to the new keys, the large number of torrent updates, and the recent network growth, we expect substantial disruption to the network for a week or more after the update is released. Please be patient and things should start to improve after a few days.

These changes may result in higher CPU usage for some of you. We're doing our best to increase efficiency, but stronger security generally requires more computation. Performance may also be poor during the first week due to the network churn. We will evaluate the network performace before deciding whether to change the key length on slower hardware in a future release.

We are experiencing rapid network growth in the last few weeks, which is causing a bit of a bumpy ride for some, especially on weekends. However, the network is still performing fairly well, so keep spreading the word.

More Changes Coming

We're in the initial stages of desiging major changes to strengthen our crypto. Stronger crypto will use more CPU and it may possibly require a Java 7 JRE at a minimum. We understand your desire to run I2P on low-power and/or older hardware. We're working hard to minimize the impacts, but some loss of performance is inevitable. In addition, Java 5 and 6 are no longer supported by Oracle. Now is a good time to upgrade to Java 7. Any change in minimum requirements will be announced well in advance.

New Website

After a heroic effort by str4d, the new website preview is available at i2hq.srv.i2p2.de. We hope to see it go live at i2p2.de and www.i2p2.i2p soon. Please contribute to the new website translations on Transifex, especially the website_priority resource.

Community Participation

In early August, hottuna and zzz attended DEFCON 21 in Las Vegas. Last weekend, echelon attended the CTS IV conference in Berlin and psi attended the Tahoe-LAFS hackfest at GNU 30 in Cambridge, Mass. Several of us will be at 30C3 in Hamburg late this year. It's great to see people participating at these events and representing I2P.

Major Changes

- IPv6 support for both NTCP and SSU

Anonymity Improvements

- SSU protocol obfuscation by adding random padding
- Longer encryption and DH private keys for users on faster platforms
Bug Fixes

- Fix I2PTunnel / I2CP locking and duplicates (partial)
- Fix translation of HTTP proxy error pages
- Fix occasional runtime exception in NTCP


- Big rework of transport code to accommodate multiple addresses and IPv6
- Streaming: Improved recovery from lost acks, other fixes
- Use Transifex for translation of initial news and HTTP proxy error pages
- Translation updates: Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish
- New Romanian translation
- Jetty 7.6.12.v20130726
- Wrapper 3.5.20 (new installs and PPA only)
- Update GeoIP data (new installs and PPA only)


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