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Input method (ibus) for entering unicode symbols and emoji by name.

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UniEmoji uses several data sources, and allows you to search all of them in a mostly-intelligent manner, with results given priority based on their source.

- The search is fuzzy, so searching for 'tco' will find 'taco'. However, it will not correct typos that include extra letters.

- The list of candidates that appears in the drop-down includes several bits of information:

If the character has an "emoji shortname" (provided by EmojiOne), the shortname will appear first in the result, surrounded by colons. A shortname is also a good indication that the candidate has an graphical representation, which will be replaced by an actual image on some clients (such as
If your search query matches an alias, the alias will be shown in square brackets.

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Nathan Graule
Nathan Graule

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