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IRIE Shinsuke
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* Added support for vim-mode
* Added libexec directories to search paths for `ibus-agent-file-name'
* Changed to execute fallback command in latin mode to simulate original behavior for the key event (IBus issue #1058)
* Modified custom types of `ibus-kana-onbiki-x-keysym' and `ibus-kana-onbiki-key-symbol' so that they can be disabled
* Modified to reset cursor color in consideration of color themes
* Modified not to unnecessarily set cursor color for non-X frame
* Modified not to unnecessarily check current buffer while command is running
* Fixed bug: Keymap might not be updated when switching input focus from non-X frame to X frame
* Fixed bug: ibus-mode is abnormally exited when automatically turning off monitor for power saving
* Fixed bug: If starting emacs-w3m in one of multiple frames, ibus-mode's keymaps are incorrectly disabled in one of the other buffers
* Fixed problem (maybe): ibus-el-agent crashes if failing to connect to X display when ibus-mode starts or display is changed (RH bug #627358)

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