Ical 3.0

revived ical-2.2 with timezone support, links, configurable key bindings, context menus.

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Sergei Golubchik
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Release notes 

This is a first new release of the old ical tcl calendar tool.
New features are
* Timezone support
* Link support (urls in events)
* Configurable key bindings
* Context menus


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Version 3.0

* Web browser (to show web links) is now configurable.
* Fixed printing to force iso8859-1 in the output, to match the iso8859-1 as hard-coded in the postscript header.
* Uploaded to launchpad
* Timezone support
* Enabled "Link" menu items and configurable key bindings (commented out in the original sources)
* Added support for $item describe_repeat -terse (based on Ethan Blanton patch)
* Added support for context menus (by Ethan Blanton)
* Imported Ubuntu's "alarm-arrow" patch (easier to add an alarm arrow on the alarm ruler).

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