IMGCrush 0.4.0 and IMGCrush-GUI 0.40 released

Written for IMGCrush by Ferdinand Majerech on 2009-11-02

Announcing IMGCrush 0.4.0 and IMGCrush-GUI 0.4.0 ,
a new release bringing new features and bugfixes,
as well as considerable speedup (even though it's still quite slow)

New features:
-Recursive directory processing
-GIF bit depths from 1 to 8 support
-JPG grayscale support
-deprecated (and removed some) resizing options

A simple Tkinter GUI using basic subset of IMGCrush options.
Should be replaced by a more advanced GTK or Qt GUI in future.

More info:
Get IMGCrush and IMGCrush_GUI here:

(IMGCrush_GUI is on the bottom of the page)

Updated on 2009-11-02.

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