IMGCrush 0.4

Somewhat faster, more stable version with little difference in features.

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Ferdinand Majerech
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Release notes 

0.4 highlights:

Multiprocessing, test suite, moved to GraphicsMagick.


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 - Added option to process directories recursively

 - Added support for various GIF bit depths.

 - Added support for grayscale JPG.

 - Added multiprocessing. JPG, PNG and GIF file generation now runs in
   separate processing, improving speed significantly on multicore machines.
   User can control multiprocessing through the --prc-mult option (see --help).
   Batches of files can also be divided to multiple processes, improving
   speed further.

 - Added an automated test suite to check for most obvious bugs.

 - Added benchmark and profiling scripts

 - Handling more input/output errors now.

 - Removed stats module due to it being a complete mess.

 - Removed --fill and --bg-color options, deprecated
   other resizing options.

 - Speed improved significantly in big file benchmark
   but worsened somehwhat in many files benchmark:
   Pentium Dual Core 1.73 GHz 4GB RAM:
   benchmark : 0.3.2: 0.4.0:
   many_files: 618.04s 900.13s +45.64%
   big_file : 1215.92s 590.10s -51.47%
   total speedup: 18.74%


 - IMGCrush now detects if temporary directory already exists and
   creates new one if it does, so multiple instances of the program
   can run at the same time.

 - Fixed bugs with handling of filenames with spaces.

 - Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in suboptimal output (especially
   in lossless quality mode)


 - Cleaned up and documented a lot of code.

 - Moved from ImageMagick to GraphicsMagick dut to its better speed.

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