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The Integrated Keep-Short Initiative for the Philippines (IKSI) is an integral part of Project "Ma-iksi."
IKSI codes (of 7 characters) will help make governance of organizations and endeavors more simple and systematic.

IKSI codes are meant to make easy and organized the identification of each of the 7,107 islands and the 42,000+ barangays of the Philippines.
Why 7?
Because the human mind can handle 7 things (plus or minus two) more effectively.
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Example of an IKSI code:
B - a prefix to indicate location (barangay, municipality, river, mountain, etc.)
PM - province code (Pampanga)
SR - city/muncipality code (Santa Rita)
BE - barangay code (Becuran)
(more details to follow - after I get help from others. <g>)

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