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Do scientific image analysis with python/ipython, numpy and matplotlib easily, providing an open source, free alternative to IDL and Matlab image processing.

This is a collection of short functions I needed for my image processing purposes. There are many possible libs out there, some of them really powerful. I wanted something simpler, easy to install and tweaked one.

Some corner points:
- minimize dependencies to numpy, matplotlib (and in the worst case scipy)
- keep it as small and clear as possible - scientific work requires transparency
- the core is a numpy array: do everything on this without any extra conversions
- write all in python, some speedups can be added in C keeping the python equivalent (useful for learning and understanding)
- the C part at the moment is a simple dynamic lib communicating through ctypes and using numpy arrays directly (quick and dirty + sometimes trouble on Windows)
- I myself am learning through this process, I hope it helps others as well

- numpy and matplotlib
- PIL or pillow for the read_img(), which one can drop if not needed (need some tweaking though). (Unfortunately PIL 1.6 has some issues with 16 bit TIF, but there are some fixes around)

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Latest version is imagep-0.3

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  • Project still alive on 2016-02-18
    While the main parts are the same, the project is still alive, I add componen...
  • minor bugifxes, new bwanalyze on 2013-08-02
    there are several minor bugfixes in the code, and improved the bwanalzye to p...
  • Minor bug fixes on 2011-03-28
    The actual 0.293 version tarball has some fresh bugfixes. Thanks to Richie fo...
  • New on 2010-08-02
    This is an experimental one to improve the dynamic library issue. I ...
  • .291 -> minor improvements to .29 "speedy" on 2010-07-09
    a new tarball is uploaded containing some more speedups in C, and some bugfix...