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Immense game studio is small user community with high spirit to develop an open-source game. This project is our dream. We are a group of like minded people, who want their identity in this fast paced world. We believe that we will give you the best game of the century. We are planning big, We will make it big!.

All are invited to contribute this project. It doesn't matter whether you know just little, even a small idea will make a huge difference.The game project is in discussion phase. we will soon code our project. People who want to join this project visit ( soon we will be moving to our own hosted service ). XypherOrion will be moderator for all programmers, Ben will be the moderator for Design part. After launching the game, Every member who contributed to this project will be rewarded. Team members and highest contributers will be treated as partners.

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Immense game network
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GNU Affero GPL v3

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