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0.1.6 release from the trunk series released 2012-01-27

Release information
Release notes:

This a maintenance release for Ubuntu Oneiric and hopefully Precise.


Screenlets framework
  * Fix windows moving around after restart in Unity.
  * Add switching EWMH params for Unity/GNOME, fix focus/drag problems.
  * Fix not showing options if value 'None' exists.
  * By default start screenlet at the center of the screen.
  * Fix web application installing (use Webframe).
  * Present screenlet install dialog with radio buttons.

Individual screenlets
  * Fix:
   - ClearRSS link problem.
   - GoogleCalendar events containing '&' problem.
   - Pidgin signal names and prevent crash
   - Output screenlet handling large content
   - InfoPanel crash on start
     (last three thanks to Nicolas S. Krzywinski)
  * Update:
   - Webframe reworked (Akira Ohgaki)
  * Update translations:
   - Italian, Bulgarian, Hindi, Occitan, Hebrew, Russian,
   - French, Dutch, German, Polish, Spanish, Estonian,
   - Japanese, ...
  * Added Webframe to Basic Pack (also used to generate web widgets)
  * New screenlets:
   - FlipClock (Doni Haryanto)
   - DiskIOSpace (Erdem U. Altinyurt)

File Description Downloads
download icon indiv-screenlets-0.1.6.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Individual Screenlets 0.1.6 3,335
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 3,335

0.1.5 release from the 0.0 series released 2011-10-14

Release information
Release notes:

One new screenlet, but mostly updates and fixes


  * Version numbers now follow Screenlets
  * New screenlets:
   - eventCal (Wolfgang Arlt)
  * Updates and fixes:
   - Flower, MyIp, LinuxEstoniaStats, EMHI,
   - WallpaperClock, ClearWeather (Rastko Karadzic),
   - Lyrics (Marcel Dancak), Stocks (Shelby Spencer),
   - Clock (Artiom Molchanov), Radio (Wolfgang Arlt)
  * LOTS of new and updated translations:
   - Finnish, French, Italian, Greek, Polish,
   - German, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Estonian,
   - Portugese, French, Occitan, etc

File Description Downloads
download icon indiv-screenlets-0.1.5.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Individual Screenlets 0.1.5 98
last downloaded 8 weeks ago
Total downloads: 98

0.0.2 release from the 0.0 series released 2011-06-25

Release information
Release notes:

Maintenance release


* Desktop files for all individual screenlets (usable in Ubuntu 11.04)
* New Screenlets: InfoPanel
* CPU fixes for Sysmonitor
* Some multitasking fixes for Freemeteo, Slideshow, EMHI, GoogleCalendar, LinuxEstoniaStats etc
* Ringsensors now colorful (needs Screenlets 0.1.4)
* Minor fixes for FeedReaderPlus, Lipik, Kclock, LostCountDown

File Description Downloads
download icon indiv-screenlets-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Individual screenlets 0.0.2 91
last downloaded 57 weeks ago
Total downloads: 91

0.0.1 release from the 0.0 series released 2011-03-11

Release information
Release notes:

First release of the separate individual screenlets package.

File Description Downloads
download icon indiv-screenlets-0.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Individual screenlets 86
last downloaded 57 weeks ago
Total downloads: 86