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Infinitypfm 0.7.1 Released

Written for infinitypfm by mogray on 2014-09-06

This release fixes a critcal bug that prevented new users on Ubuntu 14.04 and above to launch the application after first download. This release also adds a self extracting binary download for users of non Debian based distributions.

Change Log

Fix for 1362721 Application startup throws errors during database creation
Blueprint create-self-extracting-release-bin: Added self extracting bin download

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Infinitypfm 0.7.0 Released

Written for infinitypfm by mogray on 2014-08-25

Final release for 0.7.0 series.

Changes for 0.7.0 series include:


Installer for Debian Wheezy
Use bitcoin.conf for login to client when available
Add commit all button to pending transactions interface
Add account balance to register
Add income accounts to Account balance report
Add ability to asign rules for transaction upload


Fix for 1121332 Bitcoin import not working with version 0.7.2
Fix for 1360836 Crash when running reports on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Fix for 1087878 OFX import memo field blank for personal checks

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Infinity PFM 0.7.0 RC2 Released

Written for infinitypfm by mogray on 2013-11-25

This release introduces import rules. With import rules you can automatically map transactions to offset accounts using simple word matching on memo fields.

Additional bug fixes and features were also added. See changelog for details.

Installer for 0.7.0 RC1 added for Debian Wheezy

Written for infinitypfm by mogray on 2013-11-11

An installer is now available for Debian Wheezy.

Tested on: Debian GNU/Linux 7.2 (wheezy)

Infinity PFM 0.7.0 RC1 Released on 2013-02-11

Written for infinitypfm by mogray on 2013-02-12

This is a quick release to fix a bug in Bitcoin imports (lp:1121332).

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