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Данило Шеган
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Release notes 

intltool 0.50.1

intltool 0.50.1 is a minor release with the following improvements:

 * Support AM_SILENT_RULES (#402516).
   Patch contributed by Hib Eris (

 * Improve support for extracting messages from GSettings files (#922685).
   Patch contributed by Ryan Lortie (

 * Support attribute tag extraction for Glade/GtkBuilder files (#923841).
   Patch contributed by Ryan Lortie (

 * Start including a ChangeLog in tarballs and provide a NEWS file (#924386).
   This introduces a soft dependency on "bzr": it's only required for
   maintainers who wish to regenerate a ChangeLog file from the bzr checkout.

 * Fix quoting of XGETTEXT variable when setting MSGMERGE and GENPOT in Makefile (#900738).
   Patch contributed by Matthias Klose (


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  732 Danilo Šegan 2012-02-05
      Up the version to 0.50.1.

  731 Danilo Šegan 2012-02-05 [merge]
      Fix #924386: include ChangeLog in dist tarballs and create a NEWS file.

  730 Danilo Šegan 2012-02-05 [merge]
      Bug #402516: support silent rules when merging translations and building MO files. Patch by Hib Eris.

  729 Danilo Šegan 2012-02-05
      Ignore whitespace indentation in empty lines. Part of #922685 fix.

  728 Danilo Šegan 2012-01-30 [merge]
      Add support for translatable attribute (well, any) tags in glade files. Patch by Ryan Lortie.

  727 Danilo Segan 2012-01-27 [merge]
      Bug #922685: Keep and normalize paragraphs in gsettings extraction. Strip starting/ending whitespace. Patch by Ryan Lortie.

  726 Danilo Šegan 2011-12-10
      fixes bug:
      Fix quoting of XGETTEXT variable when setting MSGMERGE and GENPOT in Makefile. Patch contributed by Matthias Klose.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
900738 #900738 fix shell quoting 3 High Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
922685 #922685 Bad gsettings support 3 High Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
923841 #923841 intltool glade support doesn't work with menus 3 High desrt  10 Fix Released
924386 #924386 Please include NEWS and ChangeLog in released tarballs 3 High Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
402516 #402516 Support AM_SILENT_RULES 5 Low Hib Eris  10 Fix Released
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