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NASA implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN)

 Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) software distribution
 is an implementation of Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN)
 architecture as described in Internet RFC 4838.

 This is a suite of communication protocol implementations designed
 to support mission operation communications across an end-to-end
 interplanetary network, which might include on-board (flight) subnets,
 in-situ planetary or lunar networks, proximity links,
 deep space links, and terrestrial internets.

 Included in the ION software distribution are the following packages:
  * ici (interplanetary communication infrastructure) a set of libraries
 that provide flight-software-compatible support for functions on
 which the other packages rely
  * bp (bundle protocol), an implementation of the Delay-Tolerant
 Networking (DTN) architecture's Bundle Protocol.
  * dgr (datagram retransmission), a UDP reliability system that implements
 congestion control and is designed for relatively high performance.
  * ltp (licklider transmission protocol), a DTN convergence layer for reliable
 transmission over links characterized by long or highly variable delay.
  * ams - an implementation of the CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service.
  * cfdp - a class-1 (Unacknowledged) implementation of the CCSDS File
 Delivery Protocol.

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