Registered 2009-03-11 by Brad Crittenden

Obtains IP address from network edge device and updates with the information.

This is a simple Python script to register your dynamic IP address using the NIC V2.0 protocol. We aim to be fully compliant with the dyndns client specification. A big thank you to everyone that has contributed to this script or sent along a note of encouragement. I try to keep organized with who sent in what but if I've missed something in the acknowledgements section of the script, please let me know.

The script is very easy to use and supports multiple methods for determining the external IP (parsing interfaces on the local machine, web based IP detection, direct support for devices from Linksys, Netgear, Draytek, Netopia, HawkingTech, Watchgard, Cayman, Nexland, ZyXEL, SMC, Compex, UgatePlus, DLink and Cisco).

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