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This C based program will take the output of the iptables -L command and produce various types of formatted statistical output. The primary goal of this tool is to facilitate IP based bandwidth monitoring for the Tomato firmware. While the main target of this project is the Tomato firmware, it should work on any iptables based platform (just compile the source code for your platform).

Do you have periodic limits placed on your network bandwidth consumption? Don't have extra hardware or the know-how to enable a bandwidth monitoring solution? Do you have an old router connecting your home computers to the Internet? Perhaps IPTables Bandwidth Monitor is for you! This simple tool works with most linux based routers (such as the popular LinkSys WRT54G series routers) and offers a variety of options for monitoring bandwidth consumption by computer or device on your network. The default platform this is developed for and tested with is the Tomato Firmware (see:

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  • v1.3.2 released on 2009-11-05
    This is a bug fix release to correct some memory leaks and properly work on T...
  • v1.3.1 released on 2009-05-29
    This release adds some required features to support running ipt-parse on a mi...
  • v1.3 released on 2009-05-23
    A new updated has been release to fix a minor bug reported by a user relating...