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iPXE is the leading open source network boot firmware. It provides a full PXE implementation enhanced with additional features

Additional features to the base PXE specification include:
  - Network booting from GRUB using iPXE
  - PXE boot firmware
  - PXE boot firmware - ROM images for qemu
  - Boot from a web server via HTTP
  - Boot from an iSCSI SAN
  - Boot from a Fibre Channel SAN via FCoE
  - Boot from an AoE SAN
  - Boot from a wireless network
  - Boot from a wide-area network
  - Boot from an Infiniband network
  - Control the boot process with a script

You can use iPXE to replace the existing PXE ROM on your network card, or you can chainload into iPXE to obtain the features of iPXE without the hassle of reflashing.

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Latest version is 1.20.1
released on 2020-01-02

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