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trunk series Focus of Development
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

IPython is now developed on GitHub, please go to:


The main branch of development for IPython. Stable releases are made from this branch, it is the equivalent of a trunk in a traditional SVN-style setting.

As of August 4 2009 (when version 0.10 was released), the trunk is undergoing significant changes and API stability is NOT guaranteed. This will result in a significantly refactored IPython, and will be released as 0.11 (and later) once ready.

So unless you are actively following our development and are aware of the potential compatibility issues, do not update regularly from trunk in your production environment. We will update this notice when the API stabilizes again.

0.12 series Future
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

As of this point, future development.

For now, this series exists only so we can target bugs to it (those we deem post-0.11).

0.11 series Active Development
Latest milestones: 0.11
Bugs targeted: 1 Incomplete (without response), 2 Invalid, 21 Confirmed, 6 Triaged, 37 Fix Committed, 4 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

Series for 0.11.x releases. Significant compatibility breaks can be expected from 0.10.

All development for this series is currently done on the trunk, so it hasn't been separately branched yet. It will be branched once we near release time.

0.10 series Current Stable Release
Latest milestones: 0.10.1     Latest releases: 0.10-py26, 0.10-py25, 0.10-py2.6.egg, 0.10-py2.5.egg, 0.10
Bugs targeted: 4 Fix Committed, 13 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

Series for the 0.10.x releases.

0.10 was released August 4 2009, we only plan to release 0.10.1 and further if critical bugs are found, as all development effort is focused on the 0.11 series.

0.9 series Supported
Latest releases: 0.9.1, 0.9
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

Series for the IPython 0.9.x release series. This branch is not actively worked on, it is only available for reference and possible critical bug fixes to be backported.

0.8 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.8.4, 0.8.2, 0.8.1
Blueprints targeted: None

Series for 0.8.x releases. No further maintenance is planned.

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