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IRC.NET article on Coding4Fun

Written for IRC.NET by Alexander Regueiro on 2011-08-29

Regular Channel 9 / Coding4Fun writer Greg Duncan <> has recently written a post on the Coding4Fun blog featuring the IRC.NET library. Greg introduces the library and its potential applications to anyone interested in using it in their .NET / Silverlight projects. A read is highly recommended for any newcomers.

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NuGet packages released

Written for IRC.NET by Alexander Regueiro on 2011-07-02

NuGet <> has recently emerged onto the .NET scene as the official (Microsoft-backed) package manager system for .NET libraries. Hence, I've made the decision that all future releases of IRC.NET should be available as NuGet packages. The project itself does not use NuGet for dependency management, though this will be considered for the future.

You can view the NuGet package for the IRC.NET library over at <>, as well as the Sample package over at <>. The 0.4.1 releases have just been made, so head over to get them now!

IRC.NET featured in keynote speech of MIX 11 conference

Written for IRC.NET by Alexander Regueiro on 2011-04-14

Just yesterday (April 13th) the IRC.NET library was featured in a demonstration in the day 2 keynote speech at the Microsoft MIX 11 conference in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. The keynote event, hosted by Scott Guthrie, announced the upcoming "Mango" release of Windows Phone 7, which among other great improvements now supports socket communication. The presentation included a several minute talk and demonstration by Jaime Rodriguez, Principal Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, of a WP7 IRC chat application. You can see code and functionality of IRC.NET live in action, being presented to the audience.

Head over to to watch the recording of the day 2 keynote at any time! The part featuring IRC.NET may be seen starting at 01:11.

Updated on 2011-04-14.

IRC.NET v0.1.1 Released

Written for IRC.NET by Alexander Regueiro on 2010-02-03

Version 0.1.1 of the IRC.NET library has been released, and may now be considered quite stable and complete with respect to core functionality. Basic XML documentation is largely complete, which along with the unit tests should help anyone get familiar with the library. The upcoming 0.2 release, which is not too far off, will include a documented sample project.

Updated on 2011-04-14.

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