Registered 2008-11-15 by Israel Chauca Fuentes

Provides a terminal interface to control many features of iTunes on Mac OS X.

iThief allows you to control many features of iTunes from the command line, such as volume, rating, change tracks, play a given playlist, and many others.

Request and suggestions are welcome.

Mac OS X 10.5 or later required.

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Israel Chauca Fuentes
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Latest version is 1.2.1
released on 2009-02-18

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  • iThief 1.2.1 released on 2009-02-18
    No new features, but a lot of bug fixes.
  • iThief 1.2 on 2009-01-21
    iThief 1.2 has been realeased, added some random play commands, show lyrics, ...