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Features since 1.0beta2:
 - Names used in URLs must now consist of a lowercase alphanumeric character followed by any number of lowercase alphanumerics, ., +, - or _.
 - The project URL field is now exposed in the UI.
 - Admins can now view a list of all offerings for a subject.
 - Subject names from non-current semesters listed in the file browser now have the semester appended.
 - Exercises can now specify expected exceptions, so their test cases can confirm that attempt code raises them.
 - Worksheets now have a publishing status. They cannot be seen by students or included in mark calculations unless published.
 - Lecturers can now view a full list of their students' worksheet marks, including exporting a CSV.
 - Tutors and lecturers can now view basic statistics on exercise completion.
 - Microsoft Internet Explorer users will now be warned that their browser is unsupported.
 - Caching has been added to worksheets and exercises, reducing load times by up to 10x.
 - The group administration page has been revamped and now lists the projects for which the groups are used.
 - Project listings now sort projects by deadline.
 - The project administration UI now allows creation, deletion, and editing of all fields.
 - Staff may now specify a worksheet deadline, after which time submissions will no longer be counted. Students are warned of a passed deadline.
 - Starting a console will display a welcome message indicating the IVLE and Python versions, making its purpose more obvious.
 - Consoles will now start immediately when shown.

Bugs fixed since 1.0beta2:
 - Rendering a worksheet will no longer crash when a referenced exercise is deleted, although this should almost never happen in practice.
 - Long console backend responses (in particular very large exceptions) will no longer be truncated, due to a console protocol change.
 - Creating a user jail will no longer crash when running with configobj 4.7.0 or later.
 - Database connections are now closed immediately upon request termination, even in the case of an unhandled exception.
 - The file browser's subject listing no longer assumes that a failure response means that a directory doesn't exist. It now correctly verifies the response code.
 - A Subversion error in the filesystem backend will now cause a visible error rather than silently dropping Subversion metadata.
 - The editor will no longer crash on save if an error occurred while identifying the file.
 - An obsolete publishing mechanism has been removed.
 - Subversion checkouts with Unicode characters will now work correctly, with locales now generated inside the jail.
 - Editing files with Unicode characters now works again.
 - A descriptive error message will now be displayed when an exercise specifies a bad test type. Previously a crash would occur.
 - Special characters (for example '#') are now handled correctly in paths throughout IVLE. These would previously cause problems in some places.
 - Submitting a path with Unicode characters will now function correctly.
 - Submission paths are now validated for characters that could cause path injection issues.
 - Subversion's 'ignored' status is no longer ignored, but displayed as 'Temporary file (ignored)' in the UI.
 - Users can again commit the current directory by deselecting all files. This was a regression.
 - The special home directory subject listing will now be invoked if the path ends in a '/'.
 - The console prompt will now change to '+++' rather than '...' when the program requests string input.
 - Offsite non-GET requests are now properly rejected, hopefully preventing all CSRF vulnerabilities.
 - Badly formed reStructuredText in an exercise or worksheet description will no longer cause a crash.
 - The breadcrumb for a user will now only show the user's full name if the logged in user can view it.
 - Worksheet and enrolment forms no longer hide any data validation errors.
 - Offering staff are no longer able to create groups for a solo project set.

Documentation changes since 1.0beta2:
 - The example SSL configuration file for Apache no longer specifies session cookie options for the public host, since public mode does not use sessions.
 - Instructions on running the test suite have been added.
 - A full guide to Subversion usage within IVLE has been introduced in the web UI.
 - The 'Tutorial' and 'Filesystem' help topics have been renamed to 'Worksheets' and 'Files' respectively, to match the common functionality names.
 - Documentation for the console has been fixed to no longer disrupt operation of the console on that page, and the examples have been improved.
 - The tour has been expanded with new functionality and clarified.

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