JClic "Clic meeting '08"

The main changes of this release are: new packaging scheme of JClic (now only three JAR files are used), base JRE updated to Java 1.4 and cleaning of several non-GPL components, among with some improvements and bug corrections.

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Clic meeting '08
Francesc Busquets
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Release notes 

Support for QuickTime 6.0 has been suppressed in JClic. Users of Mac OSX can still make use of QuickTime for Java 6.1 or later.

JClic runs now on Java 1.4 or later. JRE 1.3.1 is no longer supported. This avoids the need of provide specific modules for the basic Java XML API (JAXP, DOM and Xalan), because they are already included in the Java 1.4 specification. JDOM 1.0 still remains as a external module needed by JClic.

Changes in the source code, in order to make it fully compilable without external non-free dependencies: The binary files QTJava.zip, jclicjmf.jar and servlet.jar are no longer distributed with the source code of JClic, because of licensing issues. In order to make possible the build process, empty and partial stub implementations of QuickTime for Java, Java Media Framework and JSR-154 (Servlet 2.4) APIs have been included in the "lib" directory. All this stub implementations of the libraries are used only at compile time, and are not included in the binary files obtained as a result of the build process of JClic.

The ANT extensions are no longer needed to build JClic. The password for the key store file (needed to digitally sign the JAR files) is now provided through a include call to the file ~/.ant-global.properties.

JDOM is now compiled without X-Path functions. This features, not used by JClic, require binary JAR files at compile-time.

The file jmfhandlers.jar, used to avoid unnecessary http connections to the server during the initialization of Java Media Framework in applets, has been suppressed to avoid copyright conflicts.

The GIF Encoder library by Rana Bhattacharyya, and the BMP importer by J.Osbaldeston, have been removed. Now the graphics presented in JClic Reports are dinamically generated in PNG format by the Java ImageIO library (included in Java 1.4). The import of BMP files is done by means of the Image4j library (http://image4j.sourceforge.net).

Important changes have been done in the final packaging of JClic. Since this version, only three JAR files will be generated:

* jclic.jar - Contains all the ingredients needed to run JClic Player and JClic Applet

* jclicauthor.jar - To be used in conjunction with jclic.jar. Contains JClic Author.

* jclicreports.jar - Also to be used with jclic.jar. Contains the stand-alone version of the JClic Reports Server.

In addition to this three files, jclicreports.war and jclicreports.ear provide the Servlet version of JClic Reports Server.

The build.xml file has been changed in many ways to reflect all this changes in the source code structure.

Added two new skins: "Mini", for embedding JClic projects in blogs and other web pages with small space available, and "Empty", without buttons, counters nor message boxes.

The cell marker is drawed only when there are more than one cell to solve. In multiple-answer mode, the first valid option is always displayed when the activity is finished, even if another valid option was entered (useful for natural spelling exercises).

Applets can now handle project installer scripts (files with extension ".jclic.inst"). This allows to perform "one-click" installations of remote JClic projects without using Java WebStart. To use this feature, edit your project with JClicAuthor, generate the installer script (Menu "Tools-Create project installer...") and generate the applet ("Tools - Create web page..."). Then edit the "index.htm" file created in the last step, find the line that starts with "writePlugin" and change the project's file name ("yourproject.jclic.zip") by the installer one ("yourproject.jclic.inst").

New translation system, hosted in Launchpad.net, and new translations: Basque, Greek, Danish and Turkish.


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