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download icon jclic- (md5) Compiled JAR files, multi-platform 3,550
last downloaded 2 days ago
download icon jclic- (md5) Windows installer 158,486
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download icon jclic- (md5) JClic source code 513
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Release notes 

Changes in (11-Jun-2008)

This is a maintenance release.

Added translations to new languages: Italian (full) and Russian (not yet finished)

JClicAuthor can now run as an applet. Tha file dist/jclic/author.html contains an example of this modality.

Changes in (16-Jun-2008)

Updated Basque and Russian translations

Changes in (25-Feb-2009)
New and upgraded translations

Support for ISO-639-2 three-letter language codes, like Asturian (ast). Now this languages can be declared in src/util/edu/xtec/util/Messages.java in order to be listed in JClic settings dialog.

Initial implementation of new accessibility features that make use of java.awt.Robot

New button "Clear text styles" in JClic Author, to facilitate the cleaning of manually applied character attributes

Unified base domain of external URLs to "clic.xtec.cat" instead of "clic.xtec.net". In the past, we have a merge of both.

Changed the behavior of links of type "Go to activity". Now this links will preserve the user's navigation history, allowing to return and go back.

Development tools: Forms are now edited with NetBeans 6.5

ReportServer uses now the server's date and time to store session data, instead of the one reported by clients.

Windows installer: now in 14 languages, built with NSIS-Unicode

Changes in (25-Jan-2010)
New and updated translations

Windows installer: Added the parameter "-Xmx128m" into the command line of the JClic Author shortcut.

Java WebStart: Added the parameter "max-heap-size=128m" to the JClic Author JNLP script.

JClic AUthor: Memory management has been improved, specially in JClic AUthor, to avoid unexpected crashes. Now the java.awt.Image objects stored in the MediaBag are often cleaned, and reloaded only when needed. JClic player and Applet have also improved memory check and garbage collection.

Fixed bug 129-326: Arabic and other right-to-left writting languages are now rended correctly.

JClic Author: Large images can be automatically scaled-down when imported into the media library. The maximum size is set by default to 800 x 600 pixels, but this setting can be changed in user's preferences.

JClic Author: The cell properties editor allows to directly import images and other files into the media library (improvement suggested by Camille Manoury)

JClic Author: When creating new activities, prompt again errors like empty or repeated name (improvement suggested by Camille Manoury)


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