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This is a meta project for Jeliot, a program animation tool developed in Java. This meta project currently includes the Java and C++ animating versions of Jeliot. The meta project also includes the MCode specifications. MCode is a textual representation or trace of the execution of a program. It is used to generate the animation.

Jeliot is group of five program animation environments which are based on a self-animation paradigm:
 Jeliot I ,
 Jeliot 2000,
 Jeliot 3

Jeliot family's key feature has been the fully or semi-automatic visualization of the data and control flows. The development of the Jeliot family has taken more than ten years with different kinds of stages. Several versions of the concept have been developed, namely Eliot (developed at University of Helsinki, Finland), Jeliot I (developed at University of Helsinki, Finland), Jeliot 2000 (developed at Weizmann Institute, Israel). This has led to the stage when the software has become product-like both usable and stable.

Currently, a new version, Jeliot-C, is being developed at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (Ireland).

As a by-product Jeliot 3 and Jeliot-C use an intermediate code (MCode) that represents the execution of program in several languages. The Jeliot project aims to standardize this representation so it can be used in several applications and to ensure compatibility with Jeliot 3, Jeliot-C and future developments.

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