Jmol 11.8 released - over 215 new features

Written for Jmol by Nicolas Vervelle on 2009-09-07

Jmol 11.8, released August 26, 2009, introduces over 215 new features compared to Jmol 11.6, which was released less than a year previously. Notable new features include greatly expanded scripting capability, extensive quaternion analysis and display capability, full support for working with cyrstallographic coordinates and planes, display of point group and cyrstallographic space group symmetry operations, display of Ramachandran planes and dihedral angles, creating of JPG and PNG files with embedded Jmol state so that the 2D image can also be dropped into Jmol and instantly become a 3D object, much expanded VRML and IDTF export capability, trapping of out-of-memory condition errors, and several new readers, including AIMS, Alchemy/3DNA, CASTEP, EFVET, Gromacs, isosurface OBJ, Materials Studio XML, and Wien2k.

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