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- jockey-gtk: Fix progress dialogs to not be maximizable. (LP: #537911)
- jockey-kde: Do not parent the KMessageBox, since in some cases the errors can come before the MainWindow is initialized
-, check(): If the user is running Jockey with package installation or another long-running task in parallel, the automatic --check invocation will time out on connecting to the backend. This is not fatal, just print an error message instead of crashing. (LP: #403955)
- Fix _check_repositories() to not invoke the UI and error dialogs in --check mode. (LP: #540750)
- jockey/ Simplify the logic in the enabled() method by only relying on X-Kit's isDriverEnabled() method. This will avoid getting false positives in the case in which the 1st Device section (i.e. the only one that we used to check) uses the right driver but the same section is irrelevant as it's not mentioned in the ServerLayout section.
- i18n "Install Drivers" string. (LP: #542552)
- jockey-kde: Don't crash when closed with the "x" button (LP: #552723, LP: #398912) Thanks ThorbjørnTux!
- Add a fake modalias file for local testing
- Update translations from Launchpad and update German ones
- Fix Polish translation. (LP: #451968)
- Add Handler.auto_install() flag and --auto-install mode. Thanks to Evan Dandrea!

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