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The aim of this project is to create a simple application along the lines of Maemo Mapper:


   python for the series 60.
   series 60 phone
   enough free memory card space for the maps you need.

Note MMC cards are pretty cheap these days, a 1GB card cost me more in
postage recently.

Once you have python installed you just need to send the johnjohn.SIS file
to your phone and install, as per any other SIS file.

Map repositories

JohnJohn stores its maps and othen data in the System/data/johnjohn
folder on the phone filesystem on which you installed.

Map repositories are stored in the maps folder, with one folder per

By default, maps are downloaded from

To use a different repository you will need to create a subfolder of maps
for your repository and create a config file with the values for your


This is barely tested on the phone. I'm sure it needs more work,
but I am unlikely to work on this until I get a reasonable priced data

It would be good to make the downloading of maps asynchronous.

Download on a PC

Unless you live where data plans have a reasonable price you probably
want to download the maps then copy to you phone.

One way to do this on linux is to run the app using the simulator package.

Alternatively, run maemo-mapper on a PC. See

maemo-mapper stores maps in the correct format for johnjohn, the only
additional thing you will need to do is add a config file to your

Once you have the maps, copying on to your phone mmc card. Card
readers are very handy for this.

Simulator code

PySim60 is a separate project with a
simple simulator that allows you to run the app on a linux machine.

Check this out, make sure the folder is in your python path.

Check the johnjohn code out from bzr in launchpad and just run:


The simulator is a bit crufty, it is intended to do just enough
to speed up the debug cycle, but it is enough to browse around and
download some maps.

There is also an older version of the simulator code from sourceforge:


1. Journeys. Tell you how late you are running, eta etc.
2. Plots showing speed, altitude, distance travelled.
3. Record gps traces for
4. Save cell tower ids with locations.

lots, lots more.

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