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Help both new and experienced users quickly start Juju from Ubuntu

** Juju Quickstart was a quickstart tool for juju 1.x. Now that juju 2.x is released, it is no longer maintained. Please see for more **

Juju Quickstart is an opinionated command-line tool that quickly starts Juju and the GUI, whether you've never installed Juju or you have an existing Juju environment running.

Features include the following:

* New users are guided, as needed, to install Juju, set up SSH keys, and configure it for first use.
* Juju environments can be created and managed from a command line interactive session.
* The Juju GUI is automatically installed, adding no additional machines (installing on an existing state server when possible).
* Bundles can be deployed, from local files, HTTP(S) URLs or the charm store, so that a complete topology of services can be set up in one simple command.
* Quickstart ends by opening the browser and automatically logging the user into the GUI, to observe and manage the environment visually.
* Users with a running Juju environment can run the quickstart command again to simply re-open the GUI without having to find the proper URL and password.

To install and start Juju Quickstart, run the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/stable
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install juju-quickstart
juju-quickstart [-i]

Run "juju-quickstart -h" for a list of all the available options.

Once Juju has been installed, the command can also be run as a juju plugin, without the hyphen ("juju quickstart").

While the project is currently Ubuntu-only, Mac support could be added relatively quickly. Windows support will take more time.

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Juju Project
Juju GUI Hackers
Juju GUI Hackers
GNU Affero GPL v3

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