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Juju is devops distilled; model and deploy your services in the cloud.

Juju is the best solution to model your services in the cloud. You can use it through a GUI or from the command line, scale your services and easily move your model between clouds.

Reduce workloads from days to minutes
* Quickly deploy services
* Reuse expertise from others
* Automate mundane tasks
* Focus on creating amazing applications

Juju uses Launchpad for bug tracking, blueprint definition and release planning.
Code is hosted at Github:

For details about current, supported, proposed, and devel releases see

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Part of:
Juju Project
juju hackers
Not yet selected
GNU Affero GPL v3, Other/Proprietary
(A Canonical project that will host proprietary and embargoed blueprints. the source code remains AGPL.)
Commercial subscription expires 2026-09-19
This project’s licence is proprietary.

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