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7 Anastasia, 1 Christian Muirhead, 1 Eric Claude Jones, 2 Ian Booth, 2 John A Meinel, 2 Joseph Phillips, 1 Simon Richardson, 2 Vinodhini, 2 Yang Kelvin Liu
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download icon juju-core_2.4-beta3.tar.gz (md5) Juju source code tarball 66
last downloaded 78 weeks ago
download icon juju-2.4-beta3-centos7.tar.gz (md5, sig) Centos Juju commands tarball 11
last downloaded 72 weeks ago
download icon juju-setup-2.4-beta3.exe (md5, sig) Windows installer for the Juju client 246
last downloaded 18 weeks ago
Total downloads: 323

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1769879 #1769879 public cloud data out of sync 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
1770051 #1770051 ERROR detecting credentials for "localhost" cloud provider: adding certificate "juju": Unknown request type 2 Critical Joseph Phillips  10 Fix Released
1634390 #1634390 jujud services not starting after reboot when /var is on separate partition 3 High Vinodhini  10 Fix Released
1668547 #1668547 juju doesn't configure lxdbr0 properly with new LXD (>2.3) 3 High Joseph Phillips  10 Fix Released
1684718 #1684718 'juju status MACHINE" fails if any unit is not assigned to a machine 3 High Anastasia  10 Fix Released
1751291 #1751291 resource-get fails if /tmp and /var are on different file systems 3 High Vinodhini  10 Fix Released
1764735 #1764735 bionic: netplan field bonds not found 3 High John A Meinel  10 Fix Released
1765109 #1765109 raft coordination needs the same support that Mongo HA is getting for "juju remove-machine" 3 High Christian Muirhead  10 Fix Released
1768837 #1768837 add-k8s should be more flexible in loading config 3 High Yang Kelvin Liu  10 Fix Released
1768845 #1768845 add-k8s incorrectly reports "cloud already exists" 3 High Ian Booth  10 Fix Released
1769806 #1769806 infinitely scale up k8s managed units after upgraded controller 3 High Yang Kelvin Liu  10 Fix Released
1771120 #1771120 Juju fails to launch containers when netplan includes bridge configuration 3 High John A Meinel  10 Fix Released
1771885 #1771885 bionic: static maas missing search domain in systemd-resolve configuration 3 High Eric Claude Jones  10 Fix Released
1772179 #1772179 Destroying a model with k8s apps hangs 3 High Ian Booth  10 Fix Released
1255786 #1255786 juju status should report error on non-existant service/unit filter 4 Medium Anastasia  10 Fix Released
1592872 #1592872 juju status not showing correct output when specifying a specific service/application 4 Medium Anastasia  10 Fix Released
1594883 #1594883 initial juju status is really ugly 4 Medium Anastasia  10 Fix Released
1696245 #1696245 juju status does not fail obviously when bad input it used 4 Medium Anastasia  10 Fix Released
1765404 #1765404 juju status should include a timestamp 4 Medium Simon Richardson  10 Fix Released
1732163 #1732163 juju status triggers some uninteresting DEBUG level messages 5 Low Anastasia  10 Fix Released
1633972 #1633972 Relation list in default tabular status output is very long for openstack clouds, scrolls useful information off-screen 6 Wishlist Anastasia  10 Fix Released
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