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The K-Space Annotation Tool (KAT) is a framework for semi-automatic, semantic annotation of multimedia content. It is based on the Multimedia Metadata Ontology (M3O) and provides a plugin infrastructure for easy extensibility. It further provides a GUI framework for adding visualization and user-interaction.

The KAT was developed within the K-Space Network of Excellence. The current development is lead by the Institute for Web Science and Technologies of the University of Koblenz. If you would like to get involved, start to file bugs, add feature requests, publish your own branch and get in contact with the community or the core developers. Active contributors will be added to the core team upon request.

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  • KAT 0.5.1 - Going distributed on 2009-07-25
    The current development version 0.5.1 provides some first implementations for...
  • KAT 0.2.1 released on 2008-07-22
    The milestone 0.2 has been reached and even passed. The latest release is cal...
  • KAT 0.1 released on 2008-05-29
    The first binary version of the KAT has been released. Still buggy and not fu...