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An podcatcher and broadcatcher for KDE. It lets you watch TV and listen to Radio shows from the net, for free. KatchTV is independent of channel and feed publishers, including Miro's channel guide, and others too. It includes Bittorrent support, and is capable of downloading large movies, in parallel, while you watch something else. Integrates with Konqueror, and KDE media players.

KatchTV is an Internet TV broadcatcher and podcatcher, similar to Miro, but for KDE.

Supported features include:

 * Video podcasts ("vodcasts").
 * Bittorrent-based broadcatching.
 * Audio podcasts.
 * Multiple background downloads of media and updates of feeds, all while you watch/listen to your favourite shows.
 * Manages any media you download, so that you don't lose track of your disk space.
 * Built-in KHTML-based web browser, with specific customisations for this application.
 * Automatically subscribes to any feeds you click on while browsing.
 * Uses KDE's default embedded media players, for flexible configuration and KDE integration.
 * Supports Macromedia Flash movies, if you have a suitable plugin.
 * Built-in bookmarks of major vodcast/podcast sites, so you don't have to look to hard for great content.
 * Stores episode details along with downloaded media to make tracking easier.
 * Allows manually adding any feeds (in case some site makes it awkward to add them
 * Can also read standard RSS news feeds, if you prefer not to run separate media and news aggregators.
 * Feed for KatchTV updates, so you never have to miss the latest features.

Main benefits over Miro are:

* Independence -- support for more channel directories, including miro's own, and those of independent sites.
* KDE Support, including KDE mediaplayer and konqueror integration.
* Faster and more lightweight (at least for people who already have KDE loaded)
* Good feed recognition, using a very reliable parser, and also some manual overrides for specific sites. Have a feed that doesn't work? Just let us know!

Want to contribute? Just jump in... sign up in launchpad, and take on bugs, answer questions, work on blueprints, or whatever takes your fancy. Just contact Lee Braiden if you need access, or before committing code.

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