OpenStack Identity (keystone) 2012.2.4

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OpenStack Identity (keystone)
Alan Pevec
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3 Adam Young, 1 Alan Pevec, 1 Dan Prince, 4 Dolph Mathews, 2 Vish Ishaya
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This is Keystone 2012.2.4 release.


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0 blueprints and 11 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1074172 #1074172 PKI tokens are broken after 24 hours 3 High Vish Ishaya  10 Fix Released
1098307 #1098307 [OSSA 2013-003] unauthenticated POST to /tokens can fill up disk/logs 3 High Dan Prince  10 Fix Released
1100279 #1100279 [OSSA 2013-004] Local file leak through entities in XML requests (CVE-2013-1665) 3 High Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1100282 #1100282 [OSSA 2013-004] DoS through XML entity expansion (CVE-2013-1664) 3 High Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1121494 #1121494 [OSSA 2013-005] EC2 authentication does not ensure user or tenant is enabled 3 High Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1073272 #1073272 PKI-signed token hash saved as token ID for SQL backend only 4 Medium Adam Young  10 Fix Released
1073343 #1073343 Key PKI tokens on hash in memcached for auth_token middleware 4 Medium Adam Young  10 Fix Released
1129713 #1129713 [OSSA 2013-009] Validation of PKI tokens bypasses revocation check 4 Medium Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1135230 #1135230 V2 API reported at Beta 4 Medium Adam Young  10 Fix Released
1150299 #1150299 Temporary network outage results in connection refused and invalid token 4 Medium Vish Ishaya  10 Fix Released
1101129 #1101129 keystone-all --config-dir is being ignored 1 Undecided Alan Pevec  10 Fix Released
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