OpenStack Identity (keystone) 2014.1.2

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OpenStack Identity (keystone)
Chuck Short
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1 Adam Young, 6 Brant Knudson, 1 Dolph Mathews, 1 John Dennis, 3 Morgan Fainberg
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download icon keystone-2014.1.2.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Keystone 2014.1.2.1 release 245
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Release notes 

This is Keystone 2014.1.2.1 release.

It was uploaded as a replacement for the faulty 2014.1.2 original Keystone release.


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0 blueprints and 12 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1300581 #1300581 test_revoke.RevokeTreeTests.test_cleanup fails 2 Critical Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
1324592 #1324592 [OSSA 2014-018] Trust scope can be circumvented by chaining trusts (CVE-2014-3476) 2 Critical Adam Young  10 Fix Released
1331912 #1331912 [OSSA 2014-022] V2 Trusts allow trustee to emulate trustor in other projects (CVE-2014-3520) 3 High Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1347318 #1347318 Revocation events don't handle scoped tokens correctly 3 High Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
1347961 #1347961 [OSSA 2014-026] Revocation events are broken with mysql (CVE-2014-5251) 3 High Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
1348820 #1348820 [OSSA 2014-026] Token issued_at time changes on /v3/auth/token GET requests (CVE-2014-5252) 3 High Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
1349597 #1349597 [OSSA 2014-026] Domain-scoped tokens don't get revoked (CVE-2014-5253) 3 High Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
1172106 #1172106 Live LDAP tests fail on unicode names 4 Medium John Dennis  10 Fix Released
1311142 #1311142 Cache records for get_*_by_name are not invalidated on entity rename 4 Medium Morgan Fainberg  10 Fix Released
1334368 #1334368 HEAD and GET inconsistencies in Keystone 4 Medium Morgan Fainberg  10 Fix Released
1334779 #1334779 db_sync breaks in non-utf8 databases on region table 4 Medium Morgan Fainberg  10 Fix Released
1352134 #1352134 /bin/pip: No such file or directory in pep8 and cover jobs 4 Medium Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
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