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This project is a set of applications used to capture electronic
schematics and design printed circuit boards. KiCad runs on Windows,
Linux, and Apple OSX and is released under the open source GNU GPL.

Useful links
Main website:

Users mailing list:

Developers mailing list:

Code repository (contributions are welcome):

Official footprint repositories (contributions are welcome): (all repositories with '.pretty' suffix)

Official schematic parts and 3D models library repository:

Official documentation repository:

Library developers mailing list:

Daily builds of product branch PPA (for Ubuntu):

Git mirror
(Patches should be submitted to the dev mailing list, because as a mirror, pull requests are not supported.)

Useful Tools
A separately maintained project that assists in building from source on

A script which automates a source code download, build, and install on
any modern Linux distro which is based on Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, or Redhat:

A script which automates the download and installation of footprint libraries
from, should you decide not to use the standard "Github" plugin
for this same purpose:

Original Author's site:

Project information

Wayne Stambaugh
KiCad Developers
Development focus:

product series 

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Programming Languages:
C++, Python
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KiCad product series is the current focus of development

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