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Collaborative and democratic generation of action programmes, i.e. of hierarchically ordered lists of action proposals. Examples: (1) the investments of a firm and the priority problems it should solve, (2) the policies of a local or regional public authority, (3) the action plan of an association or of a trade union, (4) the programme of a political party or organisation, and even its candidates in elections.

The main features of KuneAgi are an unprecedented level of internal democracy in the procedure and of quality and innovativeness in the output. See the homepage for more details and the demonstrator giving a first "flavour" of the software at
The development work will be based on Django,, an existing Python web application framework or Plone,, a professional CMS. Contributions take the form of code development and of pre-configuration, using the tools provided by this code. Final decision about the software development environment will be taken during the project kick-off meeting on 28th October 2011. Contributions are expected from Python developers with a knowledge of Django or Plone, and from those less experienced developers that have the ability to configure the data structure using the tools provided in the code.
In order to read the blueprints, you will need to register (for free) to the on-line text commenting infrastructure Co-Ment

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