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Version 4.10.1

Written for KwaMoja by Fahad Hatib on 2013-01-25

We are pleased to announce the release of KwaMoja version 4.10.1. This release fixes a bug in the javascript which prevented the date picker working.

Out of Africa comes KwaMoja, A fresh start for webERP

Written for KwaMoja by Fahad Hatib on 2013-01-21

Kwamoja is the first open source ERP designed around the needs of African organisations and aims
to create a free and open community to encourage more participation in the future direction and
development of the project.
The first release is scheduled for 22nd January 2012 and is largely based on the release 4.09.1
version of webERP and provides full compatibility for any webERP users wishing to upgrade.
Kwamoja contains numerous security and bug fixes from this version of webERP, plus a few new
features such as the ability to directly print html tables from the browser, many updates to the
manual, corrections to the themes, the ability of the users to set the screen font size to whatever is
most comfortable for them, the ability to rename account groups plus many other small changes
and improvement

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