KwaMoja 16.03

*KwaMoja version 16.03*
* New installer completely re-written
* The work order entry script has been improved and simplified so that now work order numbers are not allocated until the order is saved.
* A default supplier can now be set by supplier, and when creating a new purchase order for a supplier that default is chosen.
* Documents can now be attached to a sales order and can then be viewed via the sales order enquiry screen.
* Charts of accounts can be held in multiple languages with the user seeing the GL account names in their own languages.
* You can now setup and process regular payments to occur every day/week/month/year.
* You are always returned to the module you were using when you last logged out
* In a multi company environment you are always offered by default the last company you used
* Customer branches can now be required to be authorised.

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