KXStudio 12.04 is out!

Written for KXStudio by falkTX on 2012-05-25

Hey there everyone, it's that time again!
KXStudio is now ready for the masses, now using Ubuntu 12.04 as the base.

KDE4 remains the officially supported Desktop, with XFCE on 2nd place.
For this release I re-introduced the ISOs, although only 32bit for now. So now installing KXStudio can take 3 forms: Live-DVD, Ubuntu upgrade or NetBoot.
The Live-DVD uses KDE4, if you want XFCE instead please install UbuntuStudio first then follow the upgrade instructions as detailed here.

The Cadence tools are currently being ported to python3 in a new repo - https://github.com/falkTX/Cadence.
Catarina, Catia, Claudia and the minor tools are almost beta state right now. Carla and Claudia-Launcher are still in the works (but already very functional), and the real 'Cadence' app is yet to be ported.
These tools are already available on KXStudio in their latest git state, and will be released as beta for the while world very soon.

The DISTRHO plugin suite is now near completion and it's targeted for a new release this weekend.
The entire collection is already available in the KXStudio repos but yet part of the meta-packages (will be added shortly after the official release).
Generic linux binaries will be made available for non-KXStudio users as before.

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