Call for Testing - Cadence pre-Beta

Written for KXStudio by falkTX on 2012-09-17

Hello everybody!
We're almost in the Beta1 release of Cadence!

For those of you who don't know, Cadence is what KXStudio uses to manage the entire audio ecosystem.
'Cadence' is by itself the main app of a series of tools (call it the "Cadence tools").
There's 'Catia', a simple JACK patchbay; 'Claudia' is a ladish frontend, very similar to Catia (and gladish); 'Carla' is the plugin host.
Then there's the small tools - JackMeter, JackSettings, Logs, Render and XY-Controller (their names give away their funtionality).

Cadence and its tools are currently being documented, and pages will appear here: (incomplete)
(There's a topic in the KXStudio forums discussing the documentation here:

If you're running KXStudio now, you either have updates or have recently updated Cadence and sub-packages.
I'll be pushing the latest Cadence code to the KXStudio repositories frequently in the next days while the testing happens.
ArchLinux users can use this AUR package:
You can checkout what's going on in the Cadence commits page:

Not everything is fully ready right now, here's a list of things that will still be done before the Beta1 release:
- Cadence audio-bridges, currently disabled
- Carla Windows plugin-bridge support (Linux 32/64bit bridges are already in place though). Note that this will remain an experimental feature even for this release.
- Carla-Control is unfinished, the GUI will do nothing useful right now.
- Catia ALSA-MIDI support is currently disabled, but will still not be activated for this release.

So, what needs testing?
Pretty much everything. :D
Run the apps, click on random stuff and try to make them crash. When that happens, or if notice something weird, please report the bug.
I've done my best to make the tools as stable + crash-free as possible, but we can never be too sure about these things.

You can report bugs directly in the official bug page at
(Reporting a bug in that page allows you to receive notifications whenever something is done related to it).

Thanks in advance to everyone that decides to help!
If you love these tools and they are useful to you, please consider making donation by following this link:

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