The Future of KXStudio

Written for KXStudio by falkTX on 2011-11-25

As you might have noticed, there has been no new stuff recently. KXStudio is developed by one person only, falkTX, and sometimes there's just too much work to do.
One of the things that takes most of the time is managing the repositories. For Ubuntu there is already support for 5 versions (Lucid, Maverick, Natty, Oneiric, and starting work for Precise), and also the ArchLinux one. This is simply too much work for one person right now.
So, after much consideration, the following decisions were made:
  - No more official support for versions before Oneiric, although important software will still be updated (Ardour and Qtractor for example)
  - The ArchLinux repository will be removed. Users can still use AUR, and expect KXStudio related packages to be kept up-to-date
  - Starting next year, serious work will begin to support the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04 release, trying to get integration with UbuntuStudio as much as possible. Once this starts, Oneric will only get important PPA updates, like we're now doing for pre-Oneiric versions.

But there is also good news - Cadence is very near it's first alpha release, and DISTRHO LV2 plugin ports are coming soon (it was awaiting the latest set of LV2 updates).
Stay tuned for updates!

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