Cadence Alpha 1 released

Written for KXStudio by falkTX on 2011-12-06

Hello there everyone,
Cadence Alpha 1 is finally here!
Some Ubuntu users already know about it, but now it's officially released to the public in a somewhat stable version (but still alpha nonetheless).

So what is Cadence?
Basically it's a set of applications and small tools useful for audio tasks. It's being developed by falkTX, using Python and Qt4 (and some C++ where needed).
Cadence itself is the main application. It performs system checks, manages JACK, and makes system tweaks.
Cadence also provides an interface to several other tools/applications useful for audio work.
These are:

---> Catarina
A Patchbay test app.
Created while the patchcanvas module was being developed, it allows the user to experiment with the patchbay, without using JACK or LADISH.
You can save & load patchbay configurations too. Not sure how much useful this app is now though...

---> Catia
JACK Patchbay, with some neat features like A2J bridge support and JACK Transport.
It's supposed to be as simple as possible (there's Claudia for advanced things), so it can work nicely on Windows and Mac too.

---> Claudia
LADISH frontend; just like Catia, but focused at session management through LADISH.
It has a bit more features than the official LADISH GUI, with a pretty preview of the main canvas in the bottom-left.
It also implements the 'Klaudia' add-application style when using 'Klaudia' database mode.

---> Carla Multi-plugin host for JACK.
It has some nice features like automation of parameters via MIDI CCs (and send control outputs back to MIDI too) and full OSC control.
Currently supports LADSPA (including LRDF), DSSI, LV2 and (native) VST.
This application is still under heavy development and may change/break at anytime.

---> Carla Control
An OSC Control GUI for Carla.
You get the OSC address from the Carla's about dialog, and connect to it.
Supports controlling main UI components (Dry/Wet, Vol and Balance), and all plugins parameters.
Peak values and control outputs are displayed as well.
Custom Plugin GUIs are not supported for obvious reasons...

More details about Cadence and these tools are available in the KXStudio Applications page:

A quick introduction video is planned to be released soon, so it can give a better explanation about each one of the tools.

Downloads are available at:

Ubuntu users can use the KXStudio-Team PPAs and install the 'cadence' package. For ArchLinux, 'cadence-git' is available in AUR.

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