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A graphical tool for managing user sessions and logging off users after certain amounts of time.

This program launches when the user logs in and times their entire session. Once the timer has run out, it will log the user off.

Functionality includes logging, warn users before logging off and more advanced configurations for per user and per group timeout settings.

To install in Ubuntu, the PPA can be found here:

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Latest version is 1.7
released on 2012-08-01

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  • Released 12.10 Version on 2012-10-24
    A new version 1.7.2 is now released with a fixed debian package for the ppa:d...
  • New Release 1.6 on 2011-11-16
    We've move to gobject introspection and now we work on oneiric and gnome3. B...
  • New Release 1.4 on 2011-09-02
    Gnome Session Manager Integration With bugs reported about the lack of loggi...
  • New Release 1.2 on 2011-07-21
    With improvements to the logging and new modular code, it's about time we had...