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This project has moved!

Written for ladon by jsgaarde on 2017-01-03

The project is now hosted at:

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JSON-WSP open specification forum

Written for ladon by jsgaarde on 2011-02-20

Hi Ladon/JSON-WSP interested folks. I have created a group at google for an open JSON-WSP discussion forum, please sign up:

Ladon fase 1

Written for ladon by jsgaarde on 2011-02-08

Fase one of project Ladon is complete. Ladon is a python-based project making the task of exposing a service to multiple protocols very easy. By decorating the methods you need to expose as a service with the ladonize decorator your method is automatically exposed to the interfaces installed in your Ladon installation.
Fase one bullets:

1. Framework in place
2. soap interface complete
3. jsonrpc interface complete

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