Landscape Client 15.06

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Landscape Client
David Britton
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1 Alberto Donato, 1 Benji York, 1 Björn Tillenius, 3 Chris Glass, 1 Fernando Correa Neto
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  * New upstream version (LP: #1461123)
    - Fix container detection on Vivid hosts. (LP: #1449920)
    - Don't retry package operations if a SystemError is raised.
      (LP: #1444826)
    - Retry apt-get update when error 100 is returned. (LP: #1398090)
    - Better SSL error messages. (LP: #1409700)
    - Internal refactoring for better SSL user experience in the future.
      (LP: #1434546, LP: #1429888, LP: #1428826)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1444826 #1444826 Packages may get installed multiple times in case one fails to install 2 Critical Björn Tillenius  10 Fix Released
1428826 #1428826 register() function is a public API without tests and has changed 3 High Benji York  10 Fix Released
1429888 #1429888 Client backtraces and hangs when incorrect account/pass is given 3 High Chris Glass  10 Fix Released
1398090 #1398090 Package Reporter should retry the apt-get update run a few times if it fails 4 Medium Fernando Correa Neto  10 Fix Released
1434546 #1434546 Client does not return the correct exit code when failing to communicate with server. 4 Medium Chris Glass  10 Fix Released
1449920 #1449920 LXC detection is broken on vivid guests 4 Medium Alberto Donato  10 Fix Released
1409700 #1409700 Registration failures due to SSL misconfiguration should be more explicit 6 Wishlist Chris Glass  10 Fix Released
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