Laptop Mode Tools 1.62 Released

Written for Laptop Mode Tools by Ritesh Raj Sarraf on 2012-10-30

 Hello Folks,

Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.62, has been released
This release includes some real important bug fixes and should make power savings much better on your machines.It also includes support for operating systems using systemd as the init.
Also Thanks to Jasmine Hassan for her patience and help in fixing some of the bugs.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to this version


1.62 - Tue Oct 30 16:45:46 IST 2012
    * Add systemd support
    * Be specific on what file systems we want to handle. Given the wide range of
      file systems Linux has, we don't want to consider them all as not all of them
      fall under the power saving scenarios.
    * Factor out some common code
    * Do not touch autonegotiation settings. Fiddling with auto-negotiation settings
      can cause more problems and the standards expect them to be always on
    * Trim mount point display
    * Organize state/STATE tracking so that we get actual results.
    * cleaner output when asking status. Thanks Jasmine Hassan
    * Append to stdout/stderr to avoid truncating file logs
    * Fix spec file for RPM syntax

We have switched the SCM to git. The current code repository is
available at [1] along with the changelog.

The tarball is available here [2].
The md5 checksum for the tarball is a14283b14f09bb9b03f7faf928c07bb6


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