Laptop Mode Tools 1.67

Written for Laptop Mode Tools by Ritesh Raj Sarraf on 2015-07-02

I am pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.67.

This release has many important bug fixes, and everyone is recommended to upgrade. Of the many, one important fix is to, more reliably check for Device Mapper based devices, which is common these days with Crypt and LVM.

For the summary of changes to quote from git log:

1.67 - Thu Jul 2 17:05:07 IST 2015
    * Relax minimum window size to accomodate low res screens
    * Fix variable name to comply with our "constants" assuptions
    * Get more aggressive in power saving for Intel HD Audio
    * Account Device Mapper devices
    * Add swsusp freeze support
    * Switch battery-level-polling default to True
    * Detect ethernet carrier, early and relibaly
    * changes the boolean setting *_ACTIVATE_SATA_POWER to a customizable
      *_SATA_POLICY, with backward-compatible defaults and documentation
      Thanks Yuir D'Elia

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