Laptop Mode Tools 1.58 Released

Written for Laptop Mode Tools by Ritesh Raj Sarraf on 2011-07-23

I am pleased to announce the release of Laptop Mode Tools, version 1.58.

Changes include:

1.58 - Sat Jul 23 23:21:22 IST 2011
    * Initialize the PATH variable within us. This helps when our caller did not have a proper environment
    * Enable new in-kernel polling mechanism for block devices
    * Check for kernel's native suspend functionality
    * Support execution of complex commands. Thanks to Changaco for the patch
    * Add new module nmi-watchdog to handle NMI Watchdog related power savings. Thanks to Quentin Denis for the report
    * Fix error messages during early boot if /usr is on a different partition
    * Add support for new Linux 3.x kernels
    * Fix locking problems when battery polling daemon is enabled

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