LAVA Dashboard (deprecated) 2012.12

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LAVA Dashboard (deprecated)
Michael Hudson-Doyle
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2 Fathi Boudra, 6 Michael Hudson-Doyle
1 Implemented
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* say "pass" rather than "Test passed" etc in a few places
* redo UI related to test results and attachments
* Add the filter subscription mail template to the sdist.
* Add some log messages around sending filter subscription mail.
* Fix a bug with subscribing to filters that do not specify any tests.

1 blueprint and 7 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Redesign attachment UI Redesign attachment UI 1 Undefined Michael Hudson-Doyle  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1085792 #1085792 Linaro ubuntu daily test dashboard stopped at 29 November 2012. 3 High Fathi Boudra  10 Fix Released
1091941 #1091941 LAVA Dashboard image report need to add the Samsung Origen Jelly Bean tracking build and remove those old ICS builds 4 Medium Fathi Boudra  10 Fix Released
1076264 #1076264 preview filter returns 500 Internal Server Error with chrome 1 Undecided Michael Hudson-Doyle  10 Fix Released
1076267 #1076267 bundle streams listbox on filters view should be wider 1 Undecided Michael Hudson-Doyle  10 Fix Released
1078329 #1078329 subscription to filter doesn't work 1 Undecided Michael Hudson-Doyle  10 Fix Released
1085989 #1085989 Tescase (vs testrun) attachment are hard to find 1 Undecided Michael Hudson-Doyle  10 Fix Released
1089384 #1089384 Please make bundle result browser more "build friendly" 1 Undecided Michael Hudson-Doyle  10 Fix Released
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