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Registered 2012-02-09 by Zygmunt Krynicki

This small LAVA extension allows to report all errors and warnings to a Sentry server.

Raven support for LAVA

This very small extension hooks up your LAVA system to Sentry via Raven, the
official Sentry client.


You first need to deploy sentry itself somewhere (I recommend the standalone
mode). Installing this extension is rather easy::

    $ pip install lava-raven

You need to edit your LAVA ``settings.conf``
(``/srv/lava/instances/.../etc/lava-server/settings.conf``) and define the
``SENTRY_DSN`` variable. You can get it from a running Sentry instance, follow
those steps::

1. Create a sentry user, sign in as that user
2. Click projects->manage
3. Select the desired sentry project (or just pick the default one)
4. Add yourself as a member. This allowed me to have the DSN variable.


There are two conifguration options available, both are off by default:


If you flip this to ``true`` all 404 error will be reported in Sentry.


If you flip this to ``true`` all crashing views will be handled by sentry with
a nice error message that contains the incidend ID.

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Latest version is 2012.05
released on 2012-05-31

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