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Linux kiosk setup. Based on the Ubuntu LTS package repository, this collection of scripts uses debootstrap to create a minimal working Linux setup for use in restricted kiosk environments.

The whole operating system is written to a squashfs image and therefore readonly. As a consequence, the stability of the system will not deteriorate over time for reasons such as unclean shutdowns, automatic software updates, administration errors or modifications by malicious users. The system will remain as reliable as it is when first deployed, reducing maintainance costs to the bare minimum required due to hardware faults.

The system is designed to be booted from e.g. a USB pen drive, so that it can be deployed and upgraded simply by plugging in a (new) pen drive. In the default configuration, the system will launch Mozilla Firefox and display HTML pages (possibly including Java Applets) from the USB drive. These files may reside on a FAT partition and can thus be edited by developers using any platform. The setup can be adjusted to install and launch other applications instead.

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Martin von Gagern
Martin von Gagern
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